Supply injection moulding machines, ancillary equipment, mould bases and toolmaking solutions to the plastics industry.
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Plastic Injection Moulding Machines & Equipment

YIZUMI Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers

Yizumi Injection Moulding Machines

Mould Base has been supplying the high-quality injection moulding machine range from Yizumi since 2014. Since then it has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of this type of equipment in the region.We offer ground up design of factories including all ancillaries, automation and services such as water cooling, mould storage, lifting equipment and electrical services.Guangdong Yizumi is one of the leaders in the manufacture and supply of plastic, rubber and metal processing machines worldwide. Yizumi is a listed company and has grown into a reliable and respected company.

Two Platen injection moulding machine with Euro spec

Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine w. Euro Spec

DP range – Two platen injection moulding machines with Euro spec.
Benchmarked against German Technology

Two platen injection moulding machine with asian spec Injection moulding machine to manufacture deep cavity plastic parts

Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine w. Asian Spec

D1 range – Two platen injection moulding machines with Asian spec.
Innovative Practice of Large-Tonnage Two Platen machine.

Three platen injection moulding machine

Three Platen Servo Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine

A5 range – Conventional servo hydraulic three platen injection moulding machines from 60t to 2600t.
Standard High-end injection moulding machine.

Full Electric injection Moulding Machines

Full Electric Injection Moulding Machine

FE range – Full electric injection moulding machines.
All electric injection moulding machines are widely used in the fields of
electronic connectors, medical products, automotive parts and optics etc.

Injection moulding machines to manufacture thin walled packaging containers

High Speed Injection Moulding Machines

PAC range – Suitable for high-speed injection molding of thin-wall packaging containers.

The high-performance high speed packaging system of Yizumi is widely used in every industry, such as food packaging, beverage packaging,medical and healthcare, etc. We tailor to the production needs of our customers. From the highly customized machine to the factory layout, the utilities installation, to on-site construction commissioning , we constantly deliver a one-stop turnkey solution. As of now, we have emerged from a single machine supplier to a system integration supplier.

Injection Moulding Machine for UPVC Pipe Fittings

Injection Moulding Machine for UPVC Pipe Fittings

A5 uPVC range – For PVC pipe fitting manufacture.

Servo Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine for PET Preforms

Injection Moulding Machine for PET Preform

A5 PET – Servo Hydraulic machines specifically for the production of PET preforms

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Ancillaries & Automation Equipment

Mould Base has been supplying ancillaries and automation from Guangdong Topstar since 2013. We have developed a very strong partnership in this time and supplied many pieces of equipment to companies across South Africa.

The automation division has grown exponentially in the last few years and we have many happy customers who have made the move to automating their processes.

Loading & Drying Equipment

Hopper Loader and Dehumidifier Equipment
Hopper Loaders & Dehumidifiers
Topstar autoloaders
Autoloaders - Feeding & Conveying

Heating & Chilling Equipment

Water chillers  - mould temperature control
Water & Oil Mould Temperature Control
Air Chiller Units
Air Chiller Units

Granulation & Material Handling

Powerful granulator and soundproof granulator
Powerful & Soundproof Granulators
Plastics Material Dosing and Blending Units
Material Dosing & Blending Equipment

Automation Equipment

Automation linear robots
Linear Robot & Spruce Picker
Belt Conveyor

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DEGA Ancillary Equipment

In 2017 we took a decision to represent a European supplier of ancillaries and settled on DEGA Spa in Italy. This 40 year old company has been supplying ancillaries across the world for decades and made a decision to supply us as their Southern African agent.

Water and Oil Thermo Regulating Units Chilling and Heating
Plastic Drying and Dosing Units Drying and Loading
Automation robots for plastics machines Granulation and Automation
Metal separators Metal Separation

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Side Gate System Mould Bases - In Stock !

We have stock as per list below ex Pietermaritzburg warehouse. 
Delivery in Pietermaritzburg and Durban area is included in price.
Other areas use your own courier.
Prices below subject to prior sale and excludes VAT.
Mould bases - LKM
SAI 1520 420H SAI 1520 A60 B80 SB70 420H STEEL R10 305 1
SAI 1818 2312 SAI 1818 A40 B40 SB70 2312 STEEL R8 850 6
SAI 2030 2312 SAI 2030 A60 B80 SB70 2312 STEEL R9 450 1
SAI 2030 2312* SAI 2030 A50 B40 SB80 2312 STEEL R11 900 1
SAI 2030 2312** SAI 2030 A50 B40 SB80 2312 STEEL R11 900 5
SAI 2323 420H SAI 2323 A80 B80 S100 420H STEEL R14 000 1
SAI 2323 2312 SAI 2323 A40 B40 SB70 2312 STEEL R9 220 2
SAI 2323 2312 SAI 2323 A40 B40 SB70 2312 STEEL R9 470 7
SAI 2525 S50C SAI 2525 A100 B120 SB120 S50C STEEL R8 387 7
SAI 2525 2312 SAI 2525 A50 B50 SB80 2312 STEEL R11 000 3
SAI 2530 2312 SAI 2530 A80 B100 SB80 2312 STEEL R13 797 1
SAI 3030 2312 SAI 3030 A100 B120 SB90 2312 STEEL R19 656 3
SAI 3030 S50C SAI 3030 A100 B100 SB120 S50C STEEL R10 871 2
SCI 1823 2312 SCI 1823 A60 B80 SB60 2312 STEEL R5 000 12
SCI 2030 2312 SCI 2030 A60 B80 SB70 2312 STEEL R7 500 12
SCI 2530 2312 SCI 2530 A80 B100 SB100 2312 STEEL R13 000 11
SCI 2530 S50C SCI 2530 A80 B100 SB80 S50C STEEL R5 500 15
SCI 3030 2312 SCI 3030 A100 B120 SB120 2312 PLATES R23 552 4
SCI 3030 S50C SCI 3030 A100 B120 SB120 S50C STEEL R10 574 4
SCI 3545 S50C SCI 3545 A70 B80 SB100 S50C STEEL R14 254 9
SCI 4045 S50C SCI 4045 A100 B120 SB120 S50C STEEL R18 495 1

Moulds, Mould Bases & Accessories

LKM Mould Bases

Mould Bases

Our company was originally established to supply good quality, affordable, mould build–ups to the toolmaking industry in South Africa. LKM is without doubt one of the largest suppliers of standard and custom mould bases in the world. We keep a range of stock in our KZN warehouse and ship country wide. In addition to the mould bases we also supply smaller consumables such as ejector pins and sprue bushes, date stamps and air valves.

PET Preform Moulds

PET Preform Moulds

PET Preform Division –Custom made preform moulds. In addition to the equipment Yizumi has an in-house mould division dedicated to manufacturing specialized PET preform moulds and thin walled packaging moulds to customers specification.

Forwell Quick Mould Change System

Quick Mould Change Solution

Taiwanese supplier, Forwell, supplies our quick mould change equipment. We have fitted a number of large injection moulders with these failsafe hydraulic clamping systems over the past few years. Easy to use and easy to install, there are many benefits to having these clamps fitted to your large presses especially if you change moulds often.

Quick Mould Connector Couplings

Quick Mould Connector Couplings

Turkish company, Tamsan, supplies our range of quick couplers to speed up mould changes by eliminating the need to couple dozens of hoses to moulds when changing over to a new product run. These couplings are of the highest quality and are available either for water, pneumatic, oil or electrical or a combination of all of these.

mould clamps

Mould Clamps

Zhushi is possibly the largest supplier of conventional mould clamps in the world. They supply almost all of the main injection machine suppliers in China with clamps. We stock a range of clamps, studs, T nuts and Flange nuts from 12mm to 24mm in size. The beauty of these clamps is that there is no need for spacer blocks or adjustable bolts to size the clamp to the mould. They automatically level themselves according to the clamping plate thickness of the mould.

hot runner controllers

Hot Runner Controllers

Shenzhen based IBS Electronics is our supplier of hot runner controllers.

These controllers are simple and reliable. We can supply any number of combinations and features depending on the requirement.

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Physical Address & Map 12 Oldfield Business Park, 1 Haworth Road, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg
CNC Machining Centres

We recently decided to start supplying Vertical CNC Machining Centres alongside our injection moulding equipment. The two go hand in hand after all and it makes sense that if we are servicing injection moulding companies then we may as well assist in supplying the equipment for the toolmaking side as well. Gamma CNC is a division of the Taiwanese Alfa Group who are well known for their automation solutions in the plastics industry. These are high quality machines with very good specs and would be worth an enquiry if you are in the market for a CNC.

Mould Racks

Mould Storage Racks

It's amazing how a few sets of mould racks can neaten a mould storage area up. These mould racks use a drawer system to facilitate easy removal and return of moulds to and from the moulding division.

Available in 1000kg and 1500kg per shelf version. Custom made and heavier duty racks are available on request.

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